Sunday, August 3

Surpie Stuff

OK, folks, you have to think back on this one. Way back. Like the 60's and 70's.

Way back Middle-America.

Remember mail order? You know, pre e-commerce. When everyone ordered stuff from a catalog. Via the postal service. No overnight delivery. Parcel Post if you were lucky.

My favorite was Sunset House. Weird stuff. They even called their stuff "The most unusual gifts in the world."

My how times have changed. Nowadays, weird can be found by simply googling "weird gifts". Try it. Hope you have safe search turned on.

But if you want safe, there's a real life catalog available from an ├╝ber-cool website called American Science and Surplus. AS&S for short. All the weird stuff you might remember from Sunset House and then some.

No, I don't get kickbacks from their website. There's no affiliate program. Doesn't matter.

But fair warning - they've got hundreds of great items for next to nothing. Their website is one of the greatest time-wasters on the web.

Really - you need to visit.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Yes - this site is freakin awesome! I'll have to order the catalog :)

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