Tuesday, September 2

Axe Me About Handles

The last couple days here in the Salt Lake City area have belied the season. It's been cold - well, cold for this part of the season. Don't get me wrong - when I lived in California, cold was 60 degrees. Here, it's shirt-sleeve weather. In Utah, cold is 10 below.

Other than cold, it's been raining. And in Utah, the rain is cold, too. I've heard people say that the rain here is the coldest they're ever felt, too. Must be the altitude - the middle of the Salt Lake Valley is 4200 feet or so.

Sunday morning, sitting on the front stoop with my visibly steaming coffee, it was getting to that point temperature-wise where you start wondering how far away the snow might be, then it started hailing. The weather had now run the gamut.

I almost expected to see a pitchfork hitting the ground.

1 comment:

Crackerjack said...

One of my favorite things about Utah is "If you don't like the weather wait 15 minutes"

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