Monday, September 1

Potty Humor

We've had a house guest the latter part of last week through today; Lady has been staying with Marilee, Taylor, and I while Jenn is vacationing in California with Chris and Ramin. Lady is quite the lady whenever she comes over - she doesn't fight with the other dogs, hardly barks, and is just a love. Not to mention smarter than your average four-legged - sometimes two-legged - creature. Hell, she's more human than most humans.

So when the time comes for the executives to go outside for their business meetings, the only one out of the herd who doesn't make a big deal out of coming back inside (naturally) is Lady. Time spent for her is measured is seconds - no sooner does she go out that she's back, scratching at the door. Yeah, like that's enough time for a whiz.

The secret for Lady to spend more time outside is for me to crouch down, open the door a smidge, and whisper "Go potty more."

She slowly turns on the steps, and puts in some overtime.

[Note: Jennifer is really going to have to come up with a superb reason to get Lady back - we don't want her to go!]

1 comment:

Jenn said...

She really is the best doggie in the world! I love her so much and miss her. I'd rather her be at your house some days now that school is back in session, it breaks me heart knowing she has to sit alone with the two boys who just ignore her :P

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