Thursday, September 4

On Google Chrome

Chris was over last night and asked if I had seen Google Chrome yet. I'd heard rumblings about it, but had dropped it from conscious thought until he mentioned it.

Oddly enough, I googled it, and immediately noticed the system requirements - Vista and XP only. Likely won't see a Windows 98 version any time soon.

"This" being my primary laptop, I wasn't going to get "it" running, since it has 2000 loaded. But the "other" laptop? It's running XP. So switched gears (and power adapters) and booted XP.

Loaded up Firefox so as to download Chrome.

[Note: this reminds me of a time when, to load OS/2, you had to run FDISK from DOS to partition the hard drive. Since most OSes nowadays come replete with a browser, how, exactly was this process started in the past? Easy - from removable media. My first browser, Netscape 1.01, fit on a floppy.]

Sorry, got off on a tangent.

Niiiiice browser, Chrome is. I was tempted to then get the other other laptop from work, but stopped. Not the thought so much as the follow-through. A quick flashback to the Reply to None post of last week made me realize the IT folk at the home office probably wouldn't appreciate the intrusion.

Last week, I was talking to one of the more, uh, computer-friendly tech support guys I'd dealt with in the past in the "before time"; he said that there are times when some "innovative" measures are necessary to get a file or media of any sort to some of my associates. Not in Utah, but elsewhere in the country. Some don't even have computers. I'm guessing he was referring to the "later arrivals" in the mix, those who are more "home office" than "before time" co-workers. After all, what was, was computer-oriented; what is now is not.

Years ago, someone asked if I had a computer at home - this was MANY years ago - and I said yes I do. Jumping at the opportunity, the query then became "HOW could you have a computer at home, I'd think you'd get sick of working on a computer all day."

The answer, so many years later, is easy. I don't have to WORK on it. IT works so you don't have to.

Hm. Sounds like a neat byline.

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