Saturday, September 20

Rodeo Circus

For the last several weeks, either because I was working late hours, or on call in general, or sick, a certain vehicle in our possession has gone unused due to a slow leak in its right-front tire, and I/we haven't made it over to Les Schwab. Yet.

That would be Marilee's Grand Am. Let me repeat that: Marilee's Grand Am.

In the interim, the only mode of transportation that's been used for general travel is my Isuzu Rodeo. Let me repeat that: Bob's Isuzu Rodeo.

Otherwise, I drive the work-provided Chevy Silverado with the "unknown" logo.

So Marilee has been driving the Rodeo to work while the Grand Am's been sitting idle. Again, Marilee's been driving Bob's Rodeo.

Last week, while taking Taylor to school, I noticed something that made me begin to wonder if the Rodeo would ever be the same again. The following picture says volumes:

Sure, that's my bluetooth headset on the right, there's even a memory DIMM on the console.

But what are those things wrapped around the gear shift?



Jenn said...

What I want to know though - is how did those things even stretch over the shifter? Those hair bands are super tough :P

bob's bs said...

Trust me - if your Mom could buy those things by the gross, she would. She's always buying replacements. So as to your question, they're waaay stretched out to begin with...

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