Sunday, September 21

Some Things I'd Rather Not Know

I'm helping Marilee write a report for sch... sorry, work today. It is, after all, homework, but for work.

Since she works in the insurance industry, and further, in the medical coding part of that field, on occasion she needs to do work having to do with procedures that would make the average person squeamish. Myself included. She'll even occasionally watch medical shows on the TiVo, and I'd rather not watch those, either.

So how do I, someone who's more well-versed in things technological, help someone with a project that's quite a bit more organic?

I'm the middle-man, that's how. If anything, I know how to search for stuff. I may not know what I'm searching for, but it's up to Marilee to say "How the hell did you find that so fast?!?"

That, and I know how to put words together that would otherwise turn into a run-on sentence of gargantuan proportions. How, for example, to put two medical procedures with god-awful sounding names together so as to not refer the typist to the Department of Redundancy Department? For example:

"The difference between [Procedure A] and [Procedure B] relies on whether the [medical term] matter stays in the [medical term] or not. In the former, it stays in the [medical term], and in the latter, it is expelled."

Sort of a Mad Libs exercise, but in much grosser terms.

Hope she gets an A.

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