Wednesday, October 29

Morning Cartoons

"Lilo and Stitch - The Series" is on TV right now. On our TV. Taylor is watching. It's on Disney.

Prior to that, "We" were watching SpongeBob. I suppose it could be worse, he could be watching scantily-clad dancers gyrating on MTV or VH1. But I digress...

At a point in my childhood, a conversation revolved around what we watched on morning television. Black and white television. Yes, there was television when I was young. And we ate rocks.

One such brilliantly-stimulating conversationalist had just asked me what I watched; Sheriff John was the reply. A group of girls said in unison "Oh, we don't watch that any more, we watch Hobo Kelly. OK, so I started watching Hobo Kelly. Just to be part of the group.

Here we are many centuries decades later, and Taylor is watching stuff intended (and rated) for kids 6-plus; the rating is Y7. While Sheriff John and Hobo Kelly didn't have ratings back then, I'd guess the ratings would have been similar. And, back then, I was around seven or eight.

Taylor is 15.

As I said above, it could be worse.

1 comment:

Crackerjack said...

Those damn kids and they're stupid cartoons, when I was his age I was watching the likes of x-men and power rangers....huh those were rated Y7 too.

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