Tuesday, October 28


I have a bluetooth headset for my work Blackberry. It's not like any bluetooth headset you've seen. At least in Utah, anyway, since I bought it in California.

It doesn't have a "boom" - it doesn't have any kind of projection out from my ear. Specifically, my left ear. I wear it on the left so I can still use a conventional telephone handset if I'm at an office or at home; it would "get in the way" otherwise.

I'd tried other bluetooth headsets in the past. Until I got this one, I'd tried four different models - they were either way too uncomfortable or had a boom that set right on my cheek thus covering the microphone part. This one is out of the way such that there are no obstructions and is quite comfy.

But there's a problem with it, but it's not from an acoustic or electronic standpoint. It's a cosmetic problem.

A year or so ago, I had my hair sort of long, and my hair was covering up the earpiece part of the headset. From the side, it still looked like a headset, but from the front...

Back then when my hair was longer, I was on a service call downtown and was riding an elevator with a couple of HVAC technicians. One off to the left and the other to the right. The one on the right was looking at me. Intently, perhaps a bit too intently for a business environment. Becoming a bit uncomfortable with the attention, I turned away. Creepy stuff.

It wasn't until later that it dawned on me what his attention was being drawn toward.

It was a similar encounter when I was wearing a t-shirt Jenn had gotten me last Christmas. From Thinkgeek, it was an internet-savvy shirt with a graphic that depicts someone's ass having fallen off - the acronym depicted was LMAO. Funny stuff, but really only to someone who's internet-savvy. The attention I was getting at a supermarket was from a decidedly lithpy man. At that moment, I was not laughing my ass off, and haven't worn the shirt since.

Last night, on my last service call of the day, a cashier at 7-11 was giving me that same elevator look from a year or so ago. And yes, I need to get my hair cut.

Because from the front, my oh-so-cool bluetooth headset looks like an earring.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

[Yes, Marilee loves this story]

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