Sunday, October 5


The last couple days have found Marilee and myself looking not for musical MP3's for her iPod but for nature sounds. Babbling brooks, crashing ocean waves, that sort of thing.

She'd heard of some that Target had, but either because of price or slight mixtures of music, they weren't quite what she wanted. The iTunes store didn't much help, either - that was due more to price anyhow.

So this morning, after a spelling error while Googling, I found something called PediaSleep. MP3's of "Soothing sounds proven to calm even the fussiest of babies".

After playing just one sample of PediaSleep for Marilee, she was hooked. They had the MP3's in several different lengths; 75 minutes seemed enough, but Marilee said she wanted something that would preferably last all day. And as luck would have it, PediaSleep comes in 12-hour versions. We opted for the mega-pack of seven different MP3's for $24.95,

So admittedly, these aren't real sounds - it's all mixtures of white noise. But if the noise-cancelling effect works for Marilee, it works for me.

Besides, it's noise-cancelling she's interested in.

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