Saturday, November 22

The 2 Bobs

It's official. I'm tired of Bob. Call me Fred. Paul. Anything but Bob.

Just kidding. Besides - that cool bsbs in my domain name looks cool. Wouldn't work without the bs.

So I was looking at IMDB this morning for the actors in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Marilee, Jenn, and I watched it last night.

A preview on the DVD was for He's Not That Into You. Not that I wanted to know anything about it, mind you, but both Marilee and Jenn commented about it. So it came as no surprise that while perusing IMDB for TSOTTP2, I figured I'd check out the page for HNTIY.

Hey! The actor who portrays Brian McBrian in Sisterhood is also in He's Not.

And he has an upcoming movie in '09. And I'm not gonna see it. Because. Just because.

Upon mentioning to Marilee that it's a comedy, she replied "It better be".

The movie's called The 2 Bobs.

I rest my case.

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