Saturday, November 22

Get It? Got It.


So said my Dad, many years ago.

He'd say "Get it?"

I'd say "Got it."

He'd say "Good."

Short, simple, and to the point.

Any kind of explanation - Get it? Got it. Good.

I've tried to get Marilee to say the phrase, in the correct order, for the last couple years. And usually she'll start off the exchange, but with "Got it?" "No, you say 'Get it?'" "I say..." And I eventually give up.

So today we were watching the Dallas Cheerleader show on CMT. Yes, we with an emphasis on she - Marilee records it on the Tivo. No, really. And an ad comes on for Prestone antifreeze. An alter-ego representation of the guy in the ad tries to explain that he shouldn't buy the off-brand antifreeze, he should buy Prestone instead.

And starts the phrase correctly.

Marilee doesn't notice. I have to rewind the Tivo.

She turns to me and just smiles.

Get it?

Got it.


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