Friday, December 26

Over The River And Through The Woods

I'd have to make a guess that every Utah blogger is writing about the weather today. A real, live Winter Wonderland. Last night, the back porch light made the snow sparkle. Positively beautiful, if only because the driving part was over.

OK, so Christmas with the family was awesome. The driving? Not so much.

With two distinct detours - one on 7800 South and another on 4100 South, and not being able to see the road, I'd guess we drove over the Jordan River half-a-dozen times, and went through at least one wooded area. Whether the wooded area was ON the road we were on, I'm not quite sure.

This morning, 7800 South was still closed due to blowing and drifting snow, and last night's closure of 4100 South was from a snapped power pole - the area we were driving in and to had a wind gust of 57 MPH. And today?

Snow shoveling at its worst. At least since I've been in the snow shoveling business. And since we have a corner lot, there's that much more to shovel. Though I don't know how much there actually was out front, I traipsed out back and measured fourteen inches in the deepest part of the yard.

I had a service call in Provo this morning, and while Utah County had snow, it wasn't nearly as heavy as the southwestern part of Salt Lake County.

A second call in the hardest-hit area - West Jordan - made it painfully obvious just how much snow they had: even major thoroughfares either hadn't been plowed or the plow operators just couldn't keep up. Probably the latter.

And to top it all off, now I have a scratchy throat.

I'm going to take it easy this weekend - as much as I can - so as to not exacerbate whatever my body's trying to tell me.

And the rest of the white and drifted snow can just sit there until the spring thaw.

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