Saturday, December 27

Wet Burritos

Sounds REALLY appetizing, doesn't it?

So said the menu at a Mexican restaurant in San Diego on our recent trip to California. So close to the Mexico border, we decided one night to have a real Mexican meal. It had to be good, right?

In reality, it was just, literally, borderline.

So after Marilee told the attendee what she wanted, "smothered" was lost in the translation for my order. I'd ordered "smothered burritos" at local Salt Lake City Mexican restaurants in the past, and every time, my order of burritos has sauce ladled over the top. Mmmm good stuff.

Even at Cafe Rio, another fave local restaurant, it's "enchilada style". But WET?

After realizing that smothered wasn't doing the trick, I scanned the menu to see what I was missing. Then it hit me.


I haven't been able to get that vision out of my mind since.

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