Saturday, December 27

I've Created A Monster

Saturday morning brilliantly stimulating conversation:

"How do you right-click?"

That query was from Marilee.

"See the two buttons below the touch pad?"


"The one on the right's the right mouse button."


Time passes...

Apparently frustrated, she says a short time later "I don't understand how to do this!" and "What does this mean?"

I walk over to her chair where she has a Microsoft help page open. I'm immediately scared.

"What are you tryimg to do?"

"Make a favorite out of Yahoo."

And we need a Microsoft help page for this?

"Click on 'Favorites'. Click on 'Add to Favorites'. Click on 'Create in'. Pick 'Links'. Click 'OK'.

And up pops Yahoo on the Links bar.

"That's it?"

I smile as I sit back down on the couch.

She says "I learned something new today!"

A short time later - I had already sensed that she was staring at me - she says "You've turned me into a nerd."

"What, because you have your own laptop?"


I'm soooo in trouble.


Carol said...

lol... now try to teach her some hot keys!

Jenn said...


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