Sunday, December 28

Sweetest Overhang

Since I've been feeling under the (winter) weather, I've been taking Dayquil during the day and Nyquil at night. Upon taking my evening dose Saturday night, Marilee asked why I don't do - prepare yourself visually - that little shimmy-shake one does when taking vile medicinal concoctions.

Likely from that old commercial that dictates that medicine has to taste bad to be good, I simply replied "I just don't".

I went to bed rather early last night, and consequently got up early - well, early for a Sunday. 7am or so. And let Marilee sleep in. She got up about a half-hour ago, at 10:45am.

Greeting her with the Sunday paper, she said I was acting weird.

"Are you having a Nyquil overhang?"

I gave her a blank stare that lasted several seconds, to which she replied "What did I just say?" followed by "What's it called?"

After I told her, we both went downstairs to flip on the TV and as a result, the TiVo.

She noticed right away that I'd recorded "CBS News Sunday Morning".

"You recorded "CBS Sunday News Morning?"

Another blank stare towards Marilee, which prompted her to stare at the title on the TiVo.

"And what is your overhang from?"

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