Thursday, January 22

Being A Good Sport

Now that's a phrase I hadn't heard in a long time.

I was a good sport yesterday during a late-afternoon service call. Coupon printer call. At a big-box department store. Not a Wal- big box, rather a K- big box.

It was a daily ritual for my Dad to make someone laugh or at least smile once every day. After having introduced myself as the guy to fix the coupon printers on three registers, I commenced on the first two, which did not have cashiers. The third register had an "older" lady working (I have to be careful when I say "older" any more, since I'm getting "up there").

I said "I don't mean to be fresh (again, another word from before the before time), but I need to get under your register."

Seeing the smile on my face, she smiled as well.

After completing my work, she thanked me for being such a good sport.

Guess I'll have to be a good sport from now on, at least once a day.

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