Thursday, January 8

Out Of The Woodwork

So I was finishing up my last call of the day last evening. Expecting this to really be the last call of the day, I only sort of looked at the new call in my queue. Succumbing to the prospect of getting home that much later, I opened up the new call and started laughing hysterically. "You have GOT to be kidding!"

What had popped up in my queue was a nightmare from years ago. The company had had this belief that there was money to be made in the copier business - repairing them, that is. They went through all the hoops to be in bed with the manufacturer, accredited technicians, the whole thing.

Time passed, and the parent company, realizing something that was all too obvious, said "Get rid of it - it doesn't make any money."

That meant selling off all the equipment - not to mention the people - to another company. Short-term, that also meant a too-long period of telling callers wanting copier service that they needed to call another company; they'd do the service. Those calls continued for a year.

Fast forward to early 2008. Apparently, this little history lesson wasn't communicated, if at all, to the new transitional teams when we "changed" companies.

Now, a good three years after the fact, a [expletive deleted] copier call is in MY queue.

Calling the only powers-that-be at that late hour proved a wonderful experience. Basically, it amounted to "I don't care what you do with it, just get it out of my [expletive deleted] queue!!!"

What transpires today from this mis-directed nightmare is anyone's guess.

Note: The use of "[expletive deleted]" is SO Watergate era, but I'm old, and remember the excessive use of that phrase from back then.

Also note that there's likely only about a tenth of a percent of my readers who will find this whole thing funny, but I figure that she needed a laugh.


Anonymous said...

I am going to assume you got a call on a Toshiba copier by the little explicities. LOL

bob's bs said...

You'd think so, hm? Lest I be thought of as someone who writes in his blog about work, which in most circumstances is strictly verboten, and since "the company I work for" no longer services said copiers, then yes. Totally blew me away. Thankfully, it got put in Dave's queue for today, so he gets to deal with it :)

Jenn said...

So what happens to the poor people that actually want their copier repaired? I feel bad for them if no one is willing to help them :P

bob's bs said...

Well, as it turned out, we simply called the affected customer and provided them with the number of the company that took over the accounts. Unfortunately, that likely won't help something similar from happening in the future; we'll just have to deal with each as they occur.

Anonymous said...

HELLO ..... anyone out there that is writing a "BOBS BS" ?????

bob's bs said...

Possibly, Mr./Ms. Anonymous. Who would like to know?

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