Wednesday, January 14

Wow, I Have A Following

Yes, I'm still here.

Some of you have wondered where I've been. OK, one of you.

Pay no nevermind that it has been a full six days since my last post. That, in itself, is a record.

My disappearance is, in part, due to my new addiction to Facebook. Damn drugs. I've been torn between, uh, playing on Facebook, or updating my blog. Hard choices.

One advantage, given my current mental state, is that I'm reconnecting with friends from high school. Why? It's keeping my mental processes from deteriorating any further than what I've been experiencing lately.

I've been keeping a journal of sorts (this helps) where I keep track of what I forget on a daily basis. For example, yesterday morning, after some parts wrangling at home, I almost drove out of the driveway with the back door of the truck open. Twice. And Monday, I misplaced my keys, my coffee cup, my phone (four times) and tried to remember to turn off the inside-shell light, also four times.

It's starting to scare me.

Even last week I left one of my prize screwdrivers at a 7-11. Somewhere. Don't remember yet which one.

This isn't a new thing - I've been forgetting things over the course of the last couple decades. Some of you might remember calling me on the phone and saying "You forgot something at..." But it never got as bad as it did last week.

Marilee says that one possible solution is to take a couple weeks off, that I'm just too stressed. So, depending on my team's activities, I should be able to accomplish that in a week or so. And that's somewhat convenient; I have another doctor's appointment at the beginning of February.

But not with Doc Fuller.

As Marilee said on Monday, after telling her what had transpired during my Friday appointment with him, that my forgetfulness is stress-related. Already having moved up my appointment by a half hour, he pretty much brushed me off, saying that my forgetfulness could be triggered by the meds I take for depression. Though after consulting the med's website, forgetfulness is waaay down the list for side effects. That, and I've only been taking them for the last four years or so. This stuff has been going on for decades.

My next appointment, for February 5th, is with Marilee's general practitioner. So much the better if I can associate my vacation around that date.

Anyway, I'm still here. I haven't forgotten about my readers.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello, me again! I have two friends that take meds for depression and they BOTH were on too high of dose, hence loss of memory. They thought they were going nuts, or getting that other disease we don't want to mention. so I betcha that is it. You need to go to a internist...Doctor Russell Shields in Bountiful, best there is.

A concerned friend...Nanci

PS Excuse the misspelled words! You need spell check on here...tee hee.

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