Wednesday, March 25

Early Morning Chicago

And I do mean early.

Looks like it's going to be a sparklin' day. Sparklin'.

The overcast is gone and is a bit more chilly than last night. May actually be able to see more of the surroundings if only because the sun will be out.

Was trying to remember the last time I was in Chicago, although I only really got to see Schaumburg then. Similarly overcast as the last two days here, that was over thirty years ago. Wonder if the Tech Specialist from MSI is still around, and would he still remember me. Will have to look him up.

Brian Knox - you still around?

Anyway, as class starts early today, breakfast isn't ready yet down in the lobby. Not til 6:30. Coffee's left over from yesterday - I need my coffee...

Anywho - got me a Dominick's Supermarket Fresh Values card last night and actually got Catalina coupons. How is it that I get coupons when far from home and not at home?


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