Tuesday, March 24

Nothing To See Here

Move along.

Well, nothing to see from the hotel window, anyway.

Spoke with Dave from the "office" this afternoon; he said to check out "Happy Hour" in the lobby at the hotel. I did not believe him.

Dave's stayed here at the Vernon Hills Holiday Inn Express twice before, so he knew about some of the amenities.

I had already gone around the corner to Dominick's Supermarket (or whatever the hell they call grocery stores in this neck of the woods) and picked up a four-pack of Guinness, and had consumed a couple, so I wasn't quite ready to go out. Or mingle.

Watched a bit of TV, and after feeling quite dark beer mellow - no 3-point-2 beer in sight - headed down to the lobby.

Damn. They actually have a TAP.

So what Dave said was true - free beer.

This experience has suddenly become more bearable.

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