Monday, March 23

In Chicago

Not really. I'm actually in Vernon Hills, a suburb of Chicago.

First things first: Research the airplane you're going to get before you go to the airport. I had thought I was going to be on a Boeing aircraft. No, THIS is what I flew in to Chicago:

Same plane, different airline - I flew United.

I wouldn't exactly say the quarters were cramped; it's only four per row with a center aisle. But you got to see and HEAR what your seatmates were doing. All over the damn plane.

Since I was all the way in the back and conveniently located next to the lavatories, every sound known to man and then some were coming from in there, but came nowhere close to the SCREAMING baby on board who commenced before takeoff to just before landing. The little dear was probaby worn out.

Since there was overcast - undercast? - at 37,000 feet, there wasn't much to see outside, but the German couple in front of me were starting to get everone's attention. Cramped quarters nonetheless, they kept up a show they could have charged admission for.

Thursday I'll be flying Boeing aircraft, thank God - a 757 for one hop and a 777 for the other.

Next time I'll drive before getting on a CRJ700.


Anonymous said...

Quick .....details on the German couple ??? :)

bob's bs said...

You'll have to wait til after class.

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