Sunday, March 22

Where I'm Not

OK, I've said I miss my old work-issued Blackberry. Now I have a work-issued Motorola VU204 phone. Stripped bare, it has no email address associated with it, nor does it come with a plan allowing me to surf the web. It is, for all intents and purposes, just a phone.

Which is fine - also work-issued is an AirCard which allows me to email and surf the web, wirelessly. But back to the phone.

One thing that always bothered me about my Blackberry was not the phone per se, but the phone number.

Someone in upper management [tread carefully, Mr. bobsbs] had decided that to cut down on people getting telephone calls from friends during the work day and thus not doing work, that we should have long-distance phone numbers on our phones. No one is going to want to call someone if it's going to cost them money.

Critical Note: These phones were initially issued years ago. Years ago when the thought of free long distance was only a dream, if not an unreachable goal.

But I digress...

So it came as no surprise that my phone had a long-distance phone number; to be precise, my phone is locked into a Riverside, California area code of 909.

Similarly, my old boss had - still has - a phone with an area code of 410, for Baltimore, Maryland. And the rest of the country? Since the company at the time was based in Utah, yes, all of those phones have area codes of 801. Confusing? You betcha. Caller ID doesn't help for sh!t.

SO the dictum came down that thou shalt not have a Blackberry and an AirCard. One had to go. I chose to have a full-on laptop and give up the Crackberry.

The order was made for the new phone and I received it about a month ago. Carefully transferred all my old numbers into the phone and proceeded to activate the phone. And...

[I bet you know where this is going.]

Yes, I STILL have a phone with a 909 area code.

So. friends, even if any of you don't know anyone in Riverside and surrounding locales and you get a phone call from area code 909, you just might want to pick up.

It's probably me.

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