Wednesday, March 11

My Wife, The Dealer

Actually, she's not THE dealer, she's more of a middle-person.

Last Friday she comes home with a box. Smallish in size was the box, containing five smaller boxes. Green in color.

One box for Marilee, one for me, one for Taylor, and one each for Chris and Jenn.

THE dealer is the Girl Scouts.

The actual contents: Thin Mint cookies.

"What's in the box?" is said to Marilee.



Jenn said...

SERIOUSLY!! IT IS CRACK!!! She should never do that again!

bob's bs said...

Well, also having been one of the recipients, I imagine you know only too well. BTW, Dreyer's has a Thin-Mint flavored ice cream. NOT that you'd want to go out and raid a grocery store. NOW.

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