Saturday, March 14

I Have Too Many Dogomones

What's that you say?

In the same way that some people are able to attract members of the opposite sex without any real effort, I seem to have an ability to turn into mush any female dog that comes into my immediate area.

But "dogomones?"

That's what Marilee calls them. Pheromones that only a dog can detect I guess.

Considering that Bambi, Princess, and Lexie - and Jenn's Lady to a certain extent - all can't get enough of me, I imagine that's possible. Ramin's Belle, not so much; I think that may be the whole Bully breed thing.

So why should I be concerned about my excess of dogomones? Because Marilee says I've "stolen" Lexie from her. Late evening, Lexie would rather hang out with me than spend time with Marilee. Lexie will even have that "save me from this human" look when Marilee is holding her.

Even now, Marilee's gone off to work, and Lexie's sitting next to me on the couch rather than cutting a few extra Z's upstairs in the bedroom with Bambi.

I've tried ignoring Lexie, but she gives me that "I'm so cute look", or does a play bow that's equally cute and I can't help myself.

Traditionally, I've been a "cat guy" and not so much for dogs - male or female - but with three female dogs in the mix it appears I'm screwed.

Marilee says now she wants to get a dog that will only hang out with her - but that's what Lexie was supposed to be.

But maybe - just maybe - I need to get a dog just for ME.

Stay tuned for that brilliantly stimulating conversation.

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