Saturday, March 14

Book Sale

Sam Weller's is moving.

A Main Street fixture for 47 years, the store is moving to an undisclosed location, and that new location will be smaller. But according to an article in today's Des News, it will be just as funky as the current store.

Of course, if the new store's to be smaller, that means a heck1 of a lot of books will need to move before then.

So, starting Monday, used and rare books in Weller's massive basement and elsewhere will be discounted 25%, with deeper discounts as the move approaches.

If you have never been to Weller's Main Street store, now's your chance. And be sure to allocate enough time for your visit - there's much to see.

As the Des News article suggests, a new chapter is beginning.

1 As the complete name of Weller's is "Sam Weller's Zion Bookstore", I figured heck would be more appropriate...

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