Monday, March 9

No More Hunchback For Me

Over the course of the last few years, I'd had this odd back problem - no, not that back problem, the other back problem. Not like I had a mop handle up my...

No, this particular back problem made me look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame - I had a Blackberry. Crackberry for those of you in the know.

Today, I stopped using my CrackBlackberry cold-turkey. Even President Obama couldn't do that, as we've been told. Why would I want to cease my addiction to the little device that's been my pal for so long?

Because I had to.

I really had no choice - either the Blackberry had to go, or the laptop's AirCard. The AirCard only runs at the blistering speed of 115K, but it's full internet capable. Wirelessly. Nice to have out on a late night call waiting for some help-desk or other to decide whose problem it is. In the meantime, I can check my GMail or play Scrabble with a friend over at Facebook.

The Blackberry's limited internet speed and limited screen size made the choice easy. But I already miss the little bugger. It's been clipped to my belt for a long time.

So now I have the high-speed AirCard and a real phone. And, as with the Blackberry, it STILL has a California area code.

Don't get me started on that travesty.

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