Tuesday, March 10

Shopping Tonight At WalMart

I actually like shopping with Marilee. By myself, not so much. I don't shop - I always know what I'm going to get, so it's in and out without much thought - with the all-important BUY in the middle.

Yesterday, after a brilliantly stimulating conversation, we realized we had nothing substantial in the house to eat, and planned on tonight for our foray into the abyss of WalMart. Big box stores being what they are, this particular WalMart always seems to be overrun with customers and under-staffed. Guess they haven't yet figured out that the majority of people wait until after work to go shopping. As did we.

After shopping the expanse of the store prior to the grocery side, Marilee turned to me and, with a serious look, said "Do you realize I haven't been in a grocery store since before Christmas?"

Now THAT was profound. And made me realize that I had been the one shopping since then. If carrying a shopping list means that I was shopping, then so be it. But again, it's in and out with BUY in the middle.

We shopped for an hour. At least. Then came the reminder that this store is understaffed.

Only four registers were open, and I swear the cashiers were all trainees. Seven-deep past the registers the customers stood. Mentioning that the wait was easily going to be a half hour, I had to agree. And then I saw my lovely wife do something I was NOT prepared for.

She did an about-face and headed for one of the clothing areas.

I followed, not really knowing what she was up to, until she turned, talked to me imperceptibly, and walked AWAY from the cart. And soon the store.

Without the BUY in the middle.

"I taught you a bad habit tonight" was all she said.

I had to agree.

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