Tuesday, April 28

Got Ourselves A Convert

Generally speaking, I don't proselytize my beliefs. Provided I would even be able to come up with one.

One thing I do believe, is that Guinness is the nectar of the gods, and I'm willing to share that with anyone who will listen. I've tried over the course of the last few years to at least get Jenn or Chris to at least take a sip. But they have that all-too-familiar belief that any dark beer is going to taste nasty.

Yes, tis true, most are quite nasty. Until you've tasted Guinness, that is.

One person I was extolling the virtues of Guinness to has been Dave "from the office". He's not so much a teetotaler as just someone who doesn't imbibe that often. But when he's on a "business trip" as he's been last week and this, he finally had the opportunity to have some real Guinness - from a tap no less.

You have not lived until you've had a draft Guinness.

Allow me to paraphrase his reaction as he told me over the phone last week: "OH-MY-GOD."

Yup. Nectar of the gods.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Almost, that would be right next to Korbel Champagne...angels peeing on your tongue. ;)

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