Friday, May 1

Stupid Switch

My back has been killing me lately. Started Sunday whilst moving some boxes from the driveway into the garage. One such box was over-packed and thus too heavy, but I didn't realize that until my back reminded me it was there.

Ibuprofen, Lortab, and some muscle relaxants have done little to quell the pain, though the OTC heat wraps do the best job at dulling the pain. Go figure.

As in the past, it'll just take time for whatever is pinched, stretched, or otherwise sore to go away.

And when it does, that little switch in my brain will reset - you know the one. It's the Stupid Switch® that makes you forget how much something hurts.

When you're Stupid.

1 comment:

bob's bs said...

I read this post to Marilee just now, and she said women have this same switch that's supposed to remind them how painful childbirth is. And yet...

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