Monday, April 20


Coming from someone who embraces technology - not bleeding edge, I have my limits - you might think the title has to do with Personal Digital Assistants. Not so.

This has to do with Public Displays of Affection. Back in the day, Mark Collins wrote an article in the Broadcaster about PDA's at high schools, specifically on the Tustin High School campus. I couldn't say, now, if his article was an assignment or an op-ed piece. Or, more likely, it was because at the time, he had no one to have a PDA with. (Sorry, Mark).

This morning, during the ritual of taking Taylor to school, I witnessed just such a PDA. But all Taylor said was "Sometimes parents let their kids drive the car to school."

What had just transpired was the female driver of the car ahead of us had gotten out of the car, books in hand; the passenger was getting out and walking around to the driver's side. I'd seen this behavior before, and Taylor had been correct. Parents did do this, it was obvious. But the female driver - obviously a high school student judging by the way she was dressed - stopped momentarily and kissed the passenger on his way around the car. On the lips. This wasn't a "have a nice day" father-daughter sort of kiss. This was far too familiar.

The gentleman who was now getting in as the driver didn't look too old - maybe it was a first-year college student dropping off his still-in-high-school girlfriend. Or maybe not.

Or maybe I'm getting to the age where things like this are beginning to get to me. We see this too often any more in news headlines. NEVER from back in the day when I was a high school student.

Maybe Mark Collins was on to something after all.

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