Wednesday, May 13

Above The Fold Redux

I apparently hit a nerve with my post yesterday about the Deseret News' "above the fold" article on hate spurred by President Obama's election. That the election happened six months ago is not at issue. Nor is his inauguration just 100 days or so ago.

Interestingly enough, I got just one comment out of that post, though my readership grew by about 500%. The comment follows:

"How do you know the DesNews is afoot?"

While I don't think the Deseret News has any ulterior motive in the information they presented, at issue is the way it was presented: above the fold. You see the "above the fold" presentation method on a daily basis - how far down are you going to scroll on a website until you see something worth reading? If something isn't in the first screenful, you're likely to move on to another website. Above the fold works in online media as well. See the Web Style Guide and look for the heading "Home page content and 'the fold'." I don't have need to make this stuff up.

So since the Deseret News put that particular article above the fold, someone at the Deseret News thought it more important than - as I presented yesterday - the article about the wounded police officer.

I am not backing down from my portrayal of the Deseret News as a newspaper that may not play by accepted practices laid down centuries ago regarding layout.

I will, however, admit to my readers that even though my lowly little bob's bs blog had over 35 views within 10 minutes after I pressed the "publish" button, I further spread MY words by posting the link to my blog on Twitter and Facebook with the following link:

"Hate-mongering at the Deseret News: "

In hindsight, "mongering" may have been a bit harsh.

What do YOU think?

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