Wednesday, May 13


Lately it seems every term that would otherwise have nothing whatever to do with Twitter has been turned into somewhat of a Twitterism. Compare "people" to "tweeple" or "tweeps", as an example.

One I'd like to suggest is a "twurker": a lurker who watches other tweeps' tweets yet never contributes to conversations.

Like this twit who just started following my updates:

1 update
following 1465 people

Who the hell follows someone with just ONE update? If your updates aren't up into at least triple digits, you ain't following me.


1 comment:

bob's bs said...

On second thought, even if you may have only posted a few updates on Twitter, if you are local, I may reconsider. If you have no contact information other than an unintelligible user name, go elsewhere. Soapbox mode off now.

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