Wednesday, May 13

School Daze

Here in late spring, a boy's mind begins to look forward to summer. Days of fun with friends, frolicking in the ole swimmin' hole, fishin' with...

Wait, that's a bygone era.

This summer, the certain boy is Taylor, and there's no swimmin' hole, nor is there anywhere to fish. Maybe in the Jordan River, but you'd probably not want to eat (or touch, for that matter) anything that could even live in that water.

So what's a boy to do?

If not for the events of earlier this week, he'd be sittin' on his ass playing WoW. But that's not going to happen - he's been cut off.

In not so much detail, suffice to say that as we were getting ready to go to work, Marilee and I, and Taylor for school, he announces at 7am - the time we take him to school - that he has no clean pants to wear.

Having spent the weekend mowing the grass with his brother Chris, not only were the pants grass-stained, but they'd also had something spilled on them.

"Wear your shorts" was the comment from Marilee, while mine was... well, I won't say what I was thinking.

Into the washing machine went the pants. Looking at my watch, I began the waiting period.

Thirty minutes later, the drying cycle began.

Where's Taylor during this period? Down in his room playing WoW. And likely formulating a plan.

At 8am - neither Marilee nor I had left for work, since we still had to wait for the dryer, Taylor, now dressed for school, asks me "When do you want to leave?", I reply "NOW".

Marilee, already in her car and about to drive off, I say "Wait, I need to get my laptop". In that short period, Taylor has gone outside, spoken to Marilee, and has decided not to go to school after all, since he's already missed most of his first period and a test, and there's now no reason to even go.

I get this second-hand, and...

What's the word beyond "livid"?

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