Friday, May 29

Gravity Sucks

Be it known that in my current physical state that gravity sucks. Not the other way 'round.

In a sequence of events that can only be described as miraculous, Marilee called for me for an appointment with a neurosurgeon Wednesday, he saw me yesterday, and my surgery is scheduled for this coming Tuesday.

Yes, surgery. And, yes, a scalpel will be involved.


As far as gravity is concerned, if I lay completely motionless with my right arm straight out from my torso at a 90-degree angle, I can sleep rather well. And when not sleeping, and gravity being what it is, it's all meds. Thank God for meds. Even now, as I type, with my arm(s) at awkward angles, I can only tap-tap-tap for only a few minutes at a time. But even with the pain, I felt I needed to get this post off before I must lay down and get gravity off my mind. And arms.

So far this morning, I've had a Valium, two extra-strength Tylenols, and a Lortab. And while my mind might be a bit foggy, I can type.

And after Tuesday, I'll be able to type without that cocktail. I'll probably have a different cocktail, but they'll be part of the road to recovery rather than numerous stop-gaps, which has been the case with the other top-notch1 physicians I've seen to date for this same affliction.

If you've noticed a particular thread these last few posts, you'll realize I'm not one to believe any one physician and what they may have to say at any one given examination. Marilee is a fan of "Mystery Diagnosis" type programs; she TiVo's every one she can find. They're all about people who have seen infinite numbers of MD's (and quacks) for months and years and never find a diagnosis until ONE caring MD finds some obscure non-textbook case or other in a similarly-obscure text. And even while some of those cases are so rare there aren't any set cures, at least they have a name.

I got along rather well in the hour or so we spent with my neurosurgeon, Dr. Robert G. Peterson. The mere fact his first name is Robert made me acutely aware he had a bit of credence. That he's also an Aquarius (January 28 vs. my January 31) made him even more so credible - a fact that Marilee realized all too well - he's a bit of an ass in the way he speaks and acts. I did not ask what his middle name is - mine also starts with a G - that would be too freaky, and I decided to leave it alone.

So anyway, that's what's going on in my pain, meds, and "My Spinal Surgery" posts for now. I'll try to post again before the procedure, but don't ecpect too much for a few days or even a week afterwards; but my mind will be active and will come up with some choice subjects afterwards.

You can bet on that.

1 That comment is very tongue-in-cheek. MD#1: Here's some meds, you'll be fine again in a week or so. MD#2: Here's some more meds, and a list of orthopedists. MD#3: Go to this other MD(#4), he'll poke some needles in your back, oh, and here's some more meds. Which brings us to MD#5, the surgeon.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Sorry it has to come to surgery but it's probably the best option in the long run to alleviate the pain :-/ We'll be thinking of you!

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