Thursday, May 28

Prince Valium

If you've come here looking for a reference to the movie SpaceBalls, you'll be disappointed. Prince Valium is how my friend Dave refers to me since I've been having my neck/back/arm pains.

And Prince Valium has just entered my star system; it's the only thing that keeps the pain at bay.

I have that appointment with the orthopedic surgeon today at 1pm. While I'm not worried about what he might suggest as a treatment regimen, it was after a short comment Marilee made last evening that made me realize what else he might suggest - for the better, of course.

She (Marilee) has a friend who had to undergo some neurological surgery a year or so ago, but the surgeon would not do the surgery unless the friend quit doing something for a period of six weeks prior to the procedure.

Marilee reminded me of that, and to not be surprised if this surgeon suggested the same thing.

So while my pain in the neck may subside, the pain of quitting smoking will make up for the pain in my arm.

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