Wednesday, May 27

There's No Instruction Manual For Life

Let alone trying to navigate the mess the health care system has become.

I should know. Or rather, my wife knows.

If it weren't for my dear wife of three years - actually, we've done away with the whole "when we met" anniversary and just lumped that in with our wedding anniversary, thus making yesterday's date of May26th our five year anniversary - the whole mess of figuring out insurance documentation is her job. Because it really is her job.

I was off work last week, since the meds I've been taking make me dangerous on the road. Dizzy enough from the meds to trip over the coffee table in the family room, God forbid what I might trip over driving a 3/4 ton truck during work.

After my X-ray and consultation sent me in the direction of an MRI and subsequent consultation, I had my "operation" last Friday - laying motionless, face down on a table similar to a massage table while a physiatrist (that's not a typo) deftly injected cortisone into my spinal cavity. The initial consultation with him did say that the effects could take "a week or two", but not what to do in the meantime.

In that meantime, the pain has not subsided; it's actually gotten worse. As it had been in my last week's off time. So I continue to take my pain meds, and still am not driving.

To make matters worse if not already so, having already run out of sick time, and after a much-needed vacation earlier this year, I'm getting rather low on vacation time. Which means, of course, that in a few days I won't be getting compensation of any kind.

Enter FMLA - the Family Leave Medical Act. But not having the prowess in such things as my wife does, I figured it would just kick in automatically.

NO, I DID NOT KNOW THIS, so don't bother with your "What you should have done" comments.

To get things rolling on that note, I've got another appointment with another physician - that will make FIVE for this particular affliction I've been living with for about five weeks now - tomorrow at 1pm. This guy's an orthopedic surgeon. An actual, live, breathing dude that actually uses a scalpel in his job. So far it's been a pen, pencil, or keyboard. And just a bit of needle.

What the HELL ever happened to the doctors who did everything themselves?

Anyway, more to come tomorrow after THAT appointment, I'm sure.

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