Monday, May 18

♫ Make The Pain Go Away ♫

Hopefully, the little musical notes will translate well into the title of this post.

Had my MRI done last Wednesday. While the procedure itself wasn't painful, the laying motionless for twenty-five minutes was excruciating.

And Friday was the the follow-up consultation.

I'd type more just now, but it is far too painful to type.

More later.

1 comment:

Anml Bhvr said...

Thanks for posting your article--i have pain in my C7-C8 area of my shoulder...Today my fingers of my left hand--ring finger and little finger--were numb----
Have a friend who is 81 and in hospital at this time trying to recover from her second spinal surgery complete with massive hardware--She has forgotten she never recovered from her first surgery 3 years ago......I am going to try therapeutic massage to see if i can get relief--no surgery for me.....

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