Tuesday, May 19

Taking A Break

I'm off work this week, but I'd rather it would be for more pleasurable pursuits.

My prescriptive cocktail currently consists of Ibuprofen, Diazepam, and Lortab; individually, they do nothing for the pain in my arm, but combined, they do wonders for the pain caused by a multitude of pinched nerves in my neck.

As such, I cannot drive and thus do my daily work routine.

And so as to not exacerbate anything that may b e going on in my arm as a result, I'm taking a break from blogging as it is too painful to sit with my arms extended,

Prepare for a barrage of topics in the next week or so...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

With a cocktail like that who wants to come back to work? LOL

I hope all your meds work and whatever else they do to you!

Take it easy Bobby.


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