Thursday, June 4

Oh Negative

There are many things hospital people ask you when you check in for any given procedure. The one I find interesting that they don't ask is what blood type you are. Marilee said it's likely that they wouldn't take your word for it; they draw blood anyway during that initial insertion of a catheter, and they're going to find out soon enough.

And, again, there I was, checking in at a hospital (last time was for my gall bladder removal), and again, they did not ask.

I'm a popular guy in that regard - I'm O-Negative.

And I only know that because I donated blood a few times back in the 80's.

Do you know your blood type?

Anyway, the first time I donated blood way back then, I talked to my Dad about the procedure, and he said something I've not forgotten since then and likely never will forget: "How could that be?"

No, I don't know what type he was, nor do I know what type my Mom was. Maybe then, like now, not much is known by the layman about what happens when one blood type meets another in the whole genetic world. After all, the only time that topic comes up is if you're in need of a transfusion, or that there's a likelihood you'll want to make a baby.

In fact, the last time I was asked what my blood type was, was in a bar in Tokyo in 1985 at 3am.

But we'll leave that story for another time...

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