Thursday, June 4

Lately I've Been Watching Chelsea

Only by sheer accident have I lately been watching Chelsea Lately, one of THE coolest late-night talk shows around. The TV-Content warning label in the upper-left-hand corner of the screen when the show starts suggests just what to expect - typically, just underneath the large TV logo is DSL. There's no violence, hence the lack of the letter V. Something you'd expect from a movie.

But this is a talk show.

I TiVo her show since I don't stay up late, pre- or post-op. So this morning I'm watching last-evening's show, and she's just said she's not going to even mention a certain reality-show any more.

Nor am I, not that I've ever mentioned it anyway.

But as with my comment last year about the Jonas Brothers and Volcanoes, I'm going to mention the other thing just once, just to see what happens to my reader count.

There's nothing to see here. Move along:

John and Kate Plus 8

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good morning Bobby,

So glad to hear your (voice)typing again! Glad all is well. Sounds like a bunch of nice people took good care of you. I heard it was a good hospital. So the next time you are here, come in and say "HI" and show me your

Hugs, Nanci

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