Thursday, June 4

Free Time

I seem to have an over-abundance of free time - I'm only at my first full day of post-op and I'm just a bit stir crazy. Call it cabin fever if you'd like. I could drive if need be, but Marilee would rather I didn't. But considering all the neat-o meds still coursing through my system, maybe I'll just stay put.

Sitting here with not much else to do but heal, it occurred to me that it would be a great time to catch up on some long-put-off reading. Having just picked up a few tomes from my basement library, and realizing that "The Word Museum" and "Casual Lex" aren't exactly War and Peace - the Salt Lake Valley white pages would be just as riveting - I grabbed a tome I'd heard about last year on NPR called "The Year of Living Biblically" by A. J. Jacobs.

I had just gotten to page 9 of the hard cover edition when I was overcome by the urge to grab my Bob's BS journal and make a few notes and quickly ran out of room on a full page.

Having just reached that point and realizing that all this time I have on my hands that I can garner quite a bit of useful stuff or worthless crap.

Or pure BS.

Thus the grabbing of my BS book.

It had me remember that in my hospital room, there was not only nothing to write ON, but nothing to write WITH. It took my nurse-on-duty a bit of time to track down some paper, once she inadvertently left a pen in the room with me. Just a simple Bic stick pen, it had me wanting to write something. Anything.

If only to make note of things to write about in the coming days and weeks of myself nursing my sore neck.

Interestingly enough, when I was making those notes earlier in my manual notebook, my arm was not hurting one bit. Now, typing on the notebook, the pins and needles are starting to remind me they've not entirely left my system. Yeah, I know, give it time.

So using a simple PENCIL in my BS journal, I was able to stop a pain from occurring.

And what does that mean to you? You wouldn't have been able to read this until MUCH later.

But do YOU need a Bob's BS book? Why not? Manual notebooks work just as well as their electronic counterparts, and don't crash.

Tempting, isn't it?

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