Friday, June 5

Taking Things For Granted

Something as simple as sleeping.

Sleeping has become an interesting experience all on its own. After sleeping just one night at LDS Hospital on the standard-issue hospital bed - no doubt designed by the same guy as the medieval "rack" - and having to sleep at an exact 30-degree angle as decreed by my neurosurgeon, I have found that position to be nearly impossible to maintain.

Being a left- or right-side sleeper all my life, adapting to anything other than a 90- or 270-degree attitude (pitch, yaw, whatever), is quite challenging. And for me to keep in that position requires a foam cervical collar, also likely designed by someone in the dark ages.

The "log-roll" is the accepted method for getting into the left- or right- axes described above, provided that there's a flat spot.

This log has no flat spot.

[In hindsight, it appears that Marilee's decision to purchase a two-ended recliner for the two of us has become a Godsend. With Lexie as a counterweight at 2am, I was able to sleep quite comfortable at an approximate 30-degree-ish angle. Or was it foresight?]

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