Tuesday, June 23

Taylorsville Dayzz

It's that time of year again, folks.

As we head off into the latter part of June, the fireworks stands are already being set up, ready for the 4th of July. But there are other fireworks coming our way, and I don't mean for the 24th of July. While fireworks won't be set off in the neighborhood driveways this weekend, these fireworks will be going off for Taylorsville Dayzz.

The professional kind - on the 27th and 28th at 10pm each night.

Living virtually across the street from Valley Regional Park, we're in a prime location for all the festivities of Taylorsville Dayzz. And not just the fireworks. June 27th, this Saturday, there's a parade that actually closes 27th West from 54th South to 47th South. This is a big deal.

More information about Taylorsville Dayzz can be found here.

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