Friday, July 31

Everywhere A Sign

Ubiquitous road construction signs are the norm for this time of year in Utah. In fact a witticism that pervades our whole culture says there are only two seasons in Utah: Winter and construction.

So while current road work signs are to be expected, completed project signs are rare.

Why, then, are there signs proclaiming construction completion signs still in plain view on Highway 40 on the western end of Vernal? From Fall 2008?

Yes, 2008.


The construction that was completed three seasons ago added new passing lanes on a two or three mile stretch on Highway 40. Necessary? You betcha. Slow-moving vehicles are pretty much the norm anywhere on Highway 40, as that stretch is a major conduit for folks traveling east or west; I-80 is quite a ways away yet.

But it's not the completed signs that puzzle me - it's the "still under construction" signs no-one ever bothered taking down. Still standing are signs warning motorists that speeding will result in double fines. And not until last week did someone finally get fed up to take down the 50 mile per hour temporary signs - the regular posted speed in the area is 65.

It appears UDOT needs to check up on their sign inventories.

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