Thursday, July 30

Mavericks And Rebels

Just those two words conjure up ideas of the Wild West. A la Bret Maverick and James Dean.

Maybe that's a stretch.

But you cannot deny that Rebels and Mavericks are part of the landscape here in Utah. If it weren't for a Maverik store on every other street corner from a 7-11, we'd never even think of Bret. Or Bart for that matter. And we're all rebels in one way or another.

I've begun to appreciate Maverik stores - they're plentiful, and their pumps work with my employers' fleet gas cards. So in a similar way to sloughing off the company for your own frequent-flier miles, I decided earlier this week that I should take advantage of Maverik's Adventurer Club, and get a card there, too. Save the company a couple cents off each gallon of gas, and get kickbacks for the trouble.

But when I got onto their website to request a card, I was a bit dismayed at the following dialog that appeared to let me know when I could expect my card to arrive:

An Email has been sent to a member of card services. To receive the card will take normal delivery times of mail. If you would like to inqure of the status of the registration, please send an email to...

"...normal delivery times of mail" - is what? And if I don't get my card in that "normal delivery time", I can "inqure"?

Sounds particularly foreign to me. I could be a rebel and demand someone fix the website before I accept the card; maybe visit wherever their headquarters is in Utah, but then again, I'd have to make use of a service a Utah bail-bonds service supplies. On the leeward side of Duchesne on Highway 40 is a billboard advertising their services. But fear not, I don't plan on being a rebel myself, but they apparently think anyone who would call them is, considering their phone number:

1-800-U REBEL U

Funny stuff.

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