Tuesday, July 7

New Family Members

...of the four-footed variety.

Meet Sebastian and Scuttle! Sebastian's the tuxedo, and while the other looks all gray, Scuttle is beginning to show tabby markings.

Ask anyone who has ever been involved in an animal rescue organization if they ever thought they'd have this many animals, and you'll get the same answer. Hell, I never thought I'd have even one - now we've got a three-ring circus of three dogs and five cats.

Scuttle came to us from one of Marilee's friends, while Sebastian is a CAWS kitten. Suffice to say, Marilee was smitten with this kitten.

Bambi, our Rat Terrier, pretty much leaves Sebastian alone, but is far more interested in Scuttle. Pay no attention that Scuttle looks like a rat. Lexie is a bit too hyper around both; she's visited a bit less.

Sundance is declining comment.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How many pets can you have before the state gets involved....."sir you need to have a license to have this many animals" ....LOLOL


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