Wednesday, July 15

The New "Tan"

As reported on NPR yesterday morning, pasty-white Alabaster skin is the new "tan." One caller during the show said that the dermatologic industry needs a spokesmodel who in years past would have had an all-over tan, to show that lack of color can be appealing as well.

Too bad Michael Jackson is no longer around.

While the basement-dwelling adolescent of today hasn't been out in the sun all that much, let alone spent time with three-dimensional beings, there's hope.

Another caller, a dermatologist, said that fake-tanning products aren't all that bad. As for safety of the products, one of the ingredients - DHA - is the same that bakers use to make bread crusts brown.

"It must be safe."

I'll be reading bread labels tonight...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have been an "Alabaster Queen" all my life. My skin would never take a tan, so I quit laying out, now am I ever glad. I don't have the wrinkles my friends my age do.

Yahoooo Nanci

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