Monday, July 27


We had a tragedy here at the house over the weekend. So severe was this that it has shook us to the core.

Sebastian, our dear lttle tuxedo kitten, whom Marilee had dubbed her Snickers replacement, was put to sleep last night, Sunday.

He had so much life in him, right to the end. But watching him grow into adulthood just was not to be.

Friday afternoon, he got into a fight with Lexie, our silky terrier mix. Lexie, likely just playing, did not realize how fragile a kitten can be. So much so, she must have shook him so violently that he suffered irreparable brain injury. Dr. Wilson, a saint in his own right, knew that the time was at hand, and Marilee and I knew it was, too.

So with heavy hearts, we asked Dr. Wilson to let him go.

His passing has left an empty hole in our lives. His little sister Scuttle is now that much more precious. Even now, though he may have picked on Scuttle, she now has no one to play with, and we are now, perhaps, spending a bit more time with her than we had previously as Sebastian was more outspoken in his demands. She has become more outspoken in her own right.

I'll have pictures of Sebastian to share in the next day or so, but for now, we're just taking a day at a time.

Rest In Peace, Sebastian.

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Jenn said...

OMG I only just now found out about this :(

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