Sunday, July 26

Where's The Birth Certificate?

[I previously published this post under the title "The Birthers Debate". This repost has a different title as a test.]

OK, this fringe subject has been so far out in left field that I haven't really paid much attention to the whole matter.

There are apparently two camps on the issue - ONE, that Barack Obama, president of these United States cannot BE the president because he cannot prove that he is a natural-born citizen. And TWO, that he also cannot be president because his mother was not a US citizen. That she was a resident of Kansas and delivered him in Hawaii makes that argument frivolous at that.

So we're left with the first argument, and it's the same one that most "Birthers" have about the whole thing: Where's the birth certificate?

OH GET OFF YOUR FRIGGIN SOAPBOX AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIVES. However minimal that existence might be.

There was a movie years ago that had someone on trial for burglary, or grand theft, or petit larceny; it's not important what they were being charged for. But to prove a point, the defense attorney turned to someone in the audience and asked them about the watch on their wrist.

"That's a nice watch."

"Thank you."

"Do you have a receipt for it?"

"No, I got it several years..." and was cut off by the attorney, who turned to the bailiff to say "Arrest this man, he has no proof that he bought that watch."

The same can be said for pretty much most of the citizens of this country. Even the damn "Birthers".

Do you know where your birth certificate is, and why haven't you registered with the INS - you obviously weren't born here, either!

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