Tuesday, August 11

Bot-tom Dwel-ler

A tongue-in-cheek reference has been played out - literally - in the past few months, having to do with copyright protection and how the music recording industry is prosecuting those who would copy music CD's.

Simply put, can the RIAA prosecute you for songs that get stuck in your head?

Yeah, I know - corny.

So I've had this phrase stuck in my craw for the longest time; I know what movie it's from, but haven't been able to alter its course (discourse?) and let it meander out my ear. Or something.

The phrase is from "You've Got Mail"; it's where Meg Ryan's character is explaining to Tom Hanks' character via email about someone she's met in her book-selling business; unbeknownst to her, the businessperson and e-penpal are one and the same.

In the scene, the businessperson is referred to, time and again, as the scum of the earth, one who would undermine another's bookstore for profit.

Let's see - undermine, scum of the earth...

Bot-tom dwel-ler fits quite nicely.

Will this post remove the phrase from my consciousness? Time will tell...

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